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The Knowledge of Silk Scarves

Sep 18, 2018

How to identify silk scarves

Silk generally refers to silk, including mulberry silk, tussah silk, ramie silk, cassava silk, etc. Consumers can use the following methods to identify silk fabrics.

First, the price identification method: the price of silk fabric is about double that of chemical fiber and simulated silk satin.

Second, the gloss, feel recognition method: the sample is evenly distributed to its appearance, the silk has the function of absorbing light, it looks smooth and does not have a mirror surface, the gloss is elegant and soft, the pearl is bright, the hand feels soft and elegant, the silk thread is dense, and the hand will catch Wrinkles, the higher the purity, the higher the density of the silk feels better; the silk fabric has been softened, but the silk surface is dark and has no pearl luster; the chemical fiber fabric is bright, glare, and feels stiff. . In addition, the silk product should have a slight feeling of scratching the hand, rubbing the two layers of fabric, will produce a "silk" sound, while other raw materials fabric

Third, the combustion method: the part of the yarn is burned, the silk can not see the open flame, the smell of burning hair, the silk ash is black particles, can be crushed by hand; the simulated silk fires with fire, has a plastic taste, the edge of the fire is extinguished Will leave a hard rubber block.

Fourth, the water identification method: the silk is immediately wetted by water. When conditions permit, take a corner of the silk scarf and pour a little water on the silk scarf. The scarf is immediately soaked in water and applied to the skin.

Scarf method

In women's decorations, scarves are the most magical. Maybe it's just a little embellishment on the neck or chest, but it will give the whole set of clothes a new brilliance. Hurry up and put these scarves in the collection!

From top to bottom, a variety of small scarves:

The headscarf wrapped a rectangular shawl on the head, revealing the hair of the bangs and the ear, and the translucent ruffles with sequins hang down the chest, and a rich exotic atmosphere is coming out. In order to coordinate the overall shape, the choice of clothing should be as close as possible to the style with ethnic flavor.

It is best to use a silk scarf with a slightly larger size and a certain elasticity to make the "flower" shape more full. Silk scarves with edging accentuate the rich layering. Due to the large space occupied by the neck, it is not suitable to wear a high neckline and a complex design on the collar or chest. It is not suitable for a short neck or a pear-shaped round face.

Bow: The designer creatively connects the two squares with a metal chain, creating an infinite possibility for the emergence of more new methods: it can be used as a waist chain, or as a tube top, chest symmetry The standard bow reveals the metal chain to the neck and reflects the fine details.

The stewardess's brightly colored silk scarf is wrapped directly around the neck, and the bow is tied to one side, like a flight attendant-like youthful and dignified. It is suitable for matching low-necked shirts with plain color. Use a silk scarf with strong luster and tighten it as much as possible to make the surface of the silk scarf smooth and smooth without wrinkles. The bow on the neck side should not be too big to avoid the impression of distraction.

The belt knot folds the silk scarf into strips instead of the wide belt and high-profile loose-knit dress. The partial complex bright color forms a strong visual contrast with the large area of the clear, and the large bow on the waist side adds vitality. In the same way, it can also be used as a drawstring with a long trench coat, but it is forbidden to have too many color blocks at the same time.

Pants knots: The silky color of the brightly-colored, patterned silk scarves is attached to the grasshoppers in the trousers (the belt buckles in the waist). Because the silk scarf itself is elegant, you should try to choose some fit pants style to avoid the visual effect of the lower body is too light. If you wear shorts, the length of the silk drape should not exceed the knee.

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