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The historical development of wool scarf

Apr 20, 2018

The ancestors of our ancient people, in the era of the Yellow Emperor Chi, those who won the skins, is as a reward to those who are worthy of recognition. That is to say, the first scarf this product appears not only to warm the physiological needs, but a spiritual comfort and encouragement.

Of course, when the animal skins, also should not have been processed, or with bloody, very rough. Modern scarves are scarf, shawl and Baotou and other cold and dust-proof decorative textiles. To cotton, silk, wool and chemical fiber as raw materials. Processing methods of organic weaving, knitting and hand-knitted three kinds.

According to the shape of the fabric divided into square scarf and long scarf two categories. The square scarf, if cut diagonally, becomes a triangular scarf after sewing. There are plain, color lattice and printing and other varieties. In order to make the feel soft, stripe clear, fastness durable, woven pocket most of the use of plain, twill or satin weave organization. Silk scarf, weft commonly used 20~22 denier silkworm silk or chemical fiber wire, mainly to white weave, silk billet by scouring, dyeing or printing processing. The texture is light and transparent, soft and smooth, the weight of 10~70 grams/m 2.

Applicable to the spring and autumn season, the square has satin burnt-out, crepe burnt-out, twill silk and other varieties. Long scarf at both ends of the ear, ear must have the ear, spike and ear. The fabric organization has plain weave, twill, honeycomb and re-organization.

Woven and knitted scarves have a nap scarf, is the towel billet by the wire raising machine or thorn fruit tufting nap, the surface fluff short dense, feel thick, improve the fabric warm performance. Wool scarf can also be used to shrink the velvet process to achieve full, dense texture of the effect. Silk long scarf is mostly used 20/22 denier silkworm silk or 120 denier light rayon, weft wire commonly used strong line.

Silk by practice dyeing, printing processing or painting flowers, embroidery and so on, to realistic floral patterns, silk surface gloss soft, feel smooth, colorful color. Society in the development, the population is increasing, people demand for scarves more and more, the processing of the scarf also requires very fine, we even wear is the real hides, but also through a lot of processing procedures, will not feel the blood of the Beast itself. and the development of human civilization, also do not allow us to kill a lot of mammals.

They are not the object of human conquest, but the object of our protection. And our fashion people like wearing the Beast tattoo scarf, is no longer the real fur, has evolved into silk, cashmere and other very soft material. And the Beast pattern is only a form, is only retains the pattern of the beast pattern. The style of scarf and clothing collocation to give people feel very fashionable.

What leopard stripes, zebra stripes, and snake-textured scarves.

In this way, the scarf from home textiles to extensive small workshop production to the road of large-scale production.