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The elegant knot of a scarf

Apr 20, 2018

Scarf type: scarves, square type.

Matching clothing: If the scarf itself with a pattern, with a monochrome shirt, if the silk scarf itself is a solid color, it can be paired with patterned shirts.

Suitable environment: office.  Color: purple scarf if and light coat collocation, more elegant and solemn, and if the same as the color of the water blue collocation, the effect of the impact is also very eye-catching oh, but it is easy to make mistakes, resulting in a failure to match.

Play: 1. Fold the two diagonal corners of the scarf, then roll up along the longer part, depending on your taste.

It is suggested that a larger area should be left below;

2. Bend the tips of the two sides downward;

3. Put aside a large area around the chest, the back of the two scarf slightly dozen a knot, note, to set aside a little point, hanging in the back is also more good-looking; 4. Adjust the folds of the scarf on the chest, how they feel good-looking on how to come.