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The effect of the scarf

Apr 11, 2019

Efficacy one: prevent colds, bid farewell to green onions, jade screen!

Are you still eating green onions and garlic to prevent colds? In fact, a scarf can be solved.

In Chinese medicine, the neck is the most easy place to get cold in autumn and winter. If you can protect your neck well, it is more effective than eating jade screen.

There are still many people who wonder why I have a cold in the summer, and it is not good for a long time?

In fact, most of them are air-conditioning problems. The indoor temperature is low and the outdoor temperature is very high. One high and one low leads to a decrease in your resistance. A scarf can also help you prevent air-conditioning diseases.

Efficacy 2: less neck exposure, cervical spondylosis

Chinese medicine believes that wind, cold, heat, dampness, dryness, and fire are the six factors that cause illness, and the evil of the cold is the first two.

The neck is the "fortress" of the human body, the neck is full of blood vessels, and there are many important acupuncture points, such as the Dazhui point on the cervical vertebra, the wind pool hole, and the shoulder well hole extending to the shoulder.

Therefore, autumn and winter is the season of high incidence of cervical spondylosis, so a scarf can help you block the cold and stay away from the disease.

Efficacy three: the scarf is good, the back is not troubled

In the autumn and winter, if you do not wear high-necked clothes, a little bit of cold wind into the neck, the whole body will fight the cold war. Therefore, the neck is most afraid of freezing.

Especially modern people use computers for a long time, which is easy to cause neck muscle stiffness. If you add cold in autumn and winter, your back will be cold, and your muscles will be prone to pain and pain.

This pain can be radiated to the shoulder area and shoulder area. Long-term repeated cold, small is suffering from cold, and large is susceptible to rheumatism.

Efficacy four: warmer in winter, awake all day

The scarf has the function of promoting blood circulation and relieving fatigue. Whether it is in the cold autumn or winter or the cool summer, the scarf is the best match.