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The difference between wool carpet and ordinary carpet

Oct 19, 2019

The difference between wool carpet and ordinary carpet, wool carpet feel soft, good elasticity, bright color and solid texture, anti-static function, not easy to age and fade. Wool carpets have better sound absorption and can reduce various noises. Wool fiber has low thermal conductivity and is not easy to lose heat. It can also adjust the dry humidity of the room and has a certain flame retardant function. So the question is, what is the advantage of wool carpet compared with ordinary carpet?

Wool carpet is compared with general carpet: breathability and comfort

The wool carpet is elastic and soft, and the elastic fiber of the wool directly contacts the skin, which can stimulate the capillaries, improve the microcirculation of the human body, and form an air movable layer between the fibers to ensure the oxygen supply to the skin and normal. Humidity makes people feel fresh and comfortable, and its fiber has excellent functions of keeping warm, breathable, moisture-proof and even assisting patients with rheumatism and arthritis. The average carpet is still very different depending on the material. The primary material of the carpet on the market is still more blended. The breathability of blended carpets is not as good as that of pure wool carpets.

Comparison of wool carpet and general carpet: practicality and maintainability

Wool carpets are inherently attributed to the nobility, comfortable hand, outstanding texture, often create a noble atmosphere and luxury for home decoration, but pure wool carpet is very demanding maintenance, its moisture resistance and insect resistance The average carpet comparison is very poor. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of it while enjoying the pure wool carpet to give you a comfortable day to enjoy. The blended general carpet, because of the choice of modern fiber production, is very strong, used, together with a certain degree of moisture, insect control.

Combining the above advantages, it is not difficult to see that the wool carpet belongs to the comfortable carpet, and it belongs to the middle and high-grade products in the large category of carpets, and is especially suitable for the space where the VIP room, general manager room, entertainment area, hotel suite, and other places need to enhance the space value.