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The difference between thermal transfer printing scarf and digital printing scarf

Oct 15, 2019

What is a digital print scarf?

Digital printing towel is actually the production of printing on the grey fabric of the scarf using digital printing technology. This article says digital direct printing.

What is a thermal transfer print scarf?

Thermal transfer printing refers to the printing process of transferring dye onto the fabric by transfer paper. There is a coincident part between the heat transfer printing and digital printing, and the heat transfer has a digital transfer in addition to the printing. Is there a difference between them? Someone has to say, does thermal transfer not have digital heat transfer? How is it different from digital printing?

Digital printing is actually divided into digital direct injection and digital thermal transfer. Among them, the digital direct injection can be applied in many fields, from cotton and microfiber to scarves, clothes, and carpets. Digital printing can be applied. Of course, the effect of the digital direct-smoke cotton-printed scarf on the scarf is great, especially the cotton digital print scarf. The cotton digital printed scarf feels good from the fabric hand, the color is rich and three-dimensional, and the scarf is comfortable and soft.

Also in speed, the speed of digital printing can be very fast, no plate making, just need to input the designed pattern into the computer, the printing speed of the digital printing machine is also comparable to the ordinary printing machine, the digital printing machine The printing speed can reach 150 meters per hour, while the average printing machine is also tens of meters per hour.


Digital printing scarves can be said to gradually occupy the printing market at this time. Digital printing towels are also developing in the field of printing scarves. In addition to advanced production technology, the green printing of digital printing is just right for the present. Environmental requirements. When using digital printing scarves, you can be more assured. Unlike some inferior printed scarves, the inks and fabrics used in digital printing scarves are all green and environmentally friendly. You can rest assured when using them.