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The difference between silk satin and silk CDC

Sep 29, 2019

Silk satin is a relatively traditional silk fabric that has been around for a long time and will always occupy a very important position in silk fabrics. The silky satin has a satin finish, smooth and shiny. The other side is enamel, not so smooth, and not so shiny. However, the application of plain satin is very wide. Clothing, scarves, ties, home textiles, headwear, etc. are a wide variety of applications in silk fabrics. Then the shrinkage rate of plain satin is very small, generally between 3% and 5%, which is almost negligible.

The silk CDC is actually a crape with two sides on it. In fact, literally, the scarf is one side of the crape and the other side is also crape. Shuangyu is used to make more clothing, and it is more suitable for popular fashion, with a good drape. The shrinkage rate of the double scorpion is relatively large, generally around 10%, and must be pre-shrinked before making clothes.

Then the commonality of the satin and the double crape, that is, a commonality of silk fabrics, are very soft, more or less have a touch of pearl luster.

Silk CDC