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The difference between sand washing and water washing

May 11, 2020

Compared with other fabrics, one of the characteristics of silk fabrics is that they are shiny and soft, no matter how shiny or soft they are. However, some designers do not like the luster of silk fabrics or want silk fabrics to be softer and feel better. Then, there will be two options at this time, one is water washing and the other is sand washing.

Washing is to add a softener or detergent to the water, and directly give the next water to the fabric. According to the washing time and the amount of softener, it is generally divided into light general washing, general washing, and heavy general washing.

And the effect after washing is that the fabric will become very soft and feel, and there will be an illusion that the fabric becomes thicker.

The process of sand washing is similar to that of water washing, but the addition is different. Generally, alkaline or oxidizing additives are added. Of course, some softeners are also added in appropriate amounts.

So after sand washing, the fabric will feel softer, and then there will be some fluff on the surface of the fabric, and there will be a layer of white mist. Therefore, after the same sand washing, the fabric will become soft and fluff and the fabric will have an illusion of thickening, but such a fabric is easy to split, and it may be broken with a light pull.