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The collocation method of scarf

Apr 20, 2018

Scarf brings a lot of memories of autumn, yarn weaving a warm card attachment, of course, there is a fall of the street, fluttering beautiful silk. The emblem of a family of scarves is surprisingly elegant, regardless of the scarf or long scarves can be handled exceptionally exquisite. Winding, thus tenderness, close to the neck, so charming. In the autumn, we can hug the scarf heartily. In the autumn that is not cold, the face of the autumn wind, the scarf just symbolically resist, posturing to muffled. Some people like scarves are a little narcissistic, it is because wearing a scarf face is more clear, you can better adjust the perfect face, or foil makeup, so only love their own people can wear the beauty of the scarf. Even if there is a chill in the autumn, but also wear sleeveless, no collar shirt, with a scarf with clear dress, this is the fashion of the people's popular wardrobe this autumn. As long as the surrounding color dazzling, soft and warm scarf, not only can drive away the coolness, but also the scarf different style to write expression.

or be cool or gentle, the magic of the scarf is so magical. Scarf Line method: The scarf folded into the appropriate width from the front to the neck, scarf at both ends of the neck after the intersection and then around the chest. This can make the style of ordinary scarf styling, in the overall collocation effect will give a refreshing feeling.

This scarf will make the neck slightly fluffy, so in the match with the coat, to the collar up, the scarf tied outside, so that does not appear bloated. Scarves can make cold winters no longer cold. A long scarf around the neck can not only show the static elegance, but also can reflect the dynamic flow of the gentle, around the long scarf to let women express a lot of amorous feelings.