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The benefits of high-end silk scarves are so much?

Apr 22, 2020

The quality of silk scarves can not only see whether a person's life is exquisite but also indirectly affect his health. High-grade silk scarves have many advantages, let's take a look.

Most people think that high-end silk scarves are so expensive, and they are just a simple barrier to isolate bacteria, wind sand, and sunscreen from the air.

In fact, there is a difference. Natural silk has strong bacteriostatic properties, can absorb and help eliminate sweat and secretions, and keep the skin fresh and comfortable. Its ingredients and water content are particularly close to the human skin, and it is a purely natural skincare protein mask. High-grade silk scarf

The material of silk scarves is taken from silk cocoons. The production process is more cumbersome. It retains the protein and amino acid components rich in silk to a large extent. Etc. have natural immunity. Moreover, the high-end silk scarves of Yuetimei are very breathable, they will not be stuffy when putting on, and the efficiency of moisture absorption and moisture resistance is quite high.

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