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The balance knot of the scarf

Apr 20, 2018

Scarf Type: cotton or wool, with a point of the kind of the need for more winter feeling. Matching clothing: Suitable for wear in a more spacious thick coat. It can lighten the heavy feeling of the coat, keep the relative balance, and add the beauty. So, it's called Balance knot!

Guys are good for that, too.

Suitable environment: Of course it is also outdoors. Color: Girls Choose a bright jump a little, pink, orange, grass-green, you can, young you have nothing to do; boys can choose some stable color, dark blue, naturals can, in addition, the square pattern is also a good choice.


1. Wrap the scarf around the neck, and cross the knot;

2. Round the front scarf from the back of the neck;

3. Take the scarf from the back through the neck space; 4. Tidy up, keep balance on both sides, the length is the same.