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The Art of Summer Scarves and Clothes

Jun 19, 2018

In the midsummer, silk scarves are the most popular. Not only does it feel refreshed after wearing, it looks quite refreshing. Perfect for summer wear. For female friends who have been in an air-conditioned environment for a long time, silk scarves are essential.

silk scarf.jpg

Of course, the style of the scarves is style-differentiated, different methods, and interpretation of different styles. Beginning with the purchase of silk scarves, the pattern, material, and size of the scarves will begin to make you choose a question. Facing a beloved price that is not cheap, the scarves are scratching their hearts. Buying or not, it is not suitable for me. Whether you can buy your lost baby for many years depends on your skills.

Even if you are wearing the most common lapel white T, intend to go on vacation, or go to exercise, carefully matched with an exquisite scarf before you travel, will make a big difference, the magic of jewelry will make you happy , And its ever-changing will let you create uniqueness and freshness without spending too much cost.

The thin, printed silk scarves are embellished with white T-shirts to increase the highlights. This is practical, with sun protection and antifreeze. The color alarm was knocked on again, the more colorful the color, the more common the colors were, the clever use of the blue and purple colors, and confusion.

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The color and style of the scarf should match the color and style of the clothes. For example: leopard pattern scarves, light printing scarves more wild, wearing a more single color clothing more highlight the color of scarves; cotton linen tassel style rustic scarf, can be used with shirts, T-shirts, can also be When you go to the beach to play with a bikini; pure silk texture of a long scarf covered with rosemary pattern, can be used as summer sun; summer silk silk scarf with UV protection function, light gray pattern Most suitable for white clothes, such as white shirts, white vests and so on.

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