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The advantages of wearing 100% mulberry silk scarf

May 07, 2018

(1) mulberry silk is hard to cause static. As we all know, mulberry silk is produced by silk worms after eating mulberry leaves. It is natural animal fiber, which itself has very good water-absorbing property and can easily conduct and dissipate the electricity to the space.

(2) mulberry silk will make your breath easy. Since its own structure has numerous microspores and share 87% similarity with people’s skin, it is the top one among all fibers in absorbing-water and ventilation property. When you wear it around your neck, even in sweaty summer, you will feel the neck clean and comfortable, while in cold weather, also breathable.

(3) mulberry silk has very good cosmetic effect. Since it is natural fiber excretion by silkworm, it contains a precious protein called silk Polypeplide, which has been already used to make face mask, even as material of surgical suture in Surgery operation. The reason is that this kind of substance has contained 17 kinds of amino acid, the number almost the same as human body needs, especially essential to human skin and hair (such as Alanine, Glycine, Tyrosine, Serine).

(4) mulberry silk can effectively deal with UV rays, a real screen for sunlight. In mulberry silk fiber, there is another amino acid called Aminoethanoec acid, which can have photochemical reaction with ultraviolet ray, through which they can effectively stop and reduce the harm from sunlight. So compared with chemical fiber scarf, although they are beautiful too, large enough to cover your body as a sunscreen, they really don’t have this kind of substance and is hard to make a screen over your skin.