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The 100% silk fabric characteristics

Aug 30, 2019

1.Silk is composed of sericin and silk fibroin. It is composed of 18 kinds of amino acids in different proportions and spaces. It is a kind of protein fiber. The sericin is outside and the silk fibroin is closely connected. The sericin structure is loose and has a rough handfeel, so it needs to be degummed. The silk fibroin structure is tight, the luster is soft, fat, and has pearl-like brilliance.

2.Soft, smooth, thick, full, and excellent elasticity.

3.It has a good moisture absorption, breathability, skin care and health effects. Silk is a protein fiber, and silk carpet woven from silk has good ultraviolet absorption. Silk is a kind of porous fiber, so it has good heat preservation, moisture absorption, moisture absorption and breathability, and has a certain protective effect on the skin.

4, The silk is more delicate, should be carefully treated, avoid gravity friction twisting or dragging in a rough place, resulting in protein fiber damage.