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Teach you to create a spring and summer hairstyle with a silk scarf

Feb 13, 2020

For silk scarves, most people think of it (as shown below) around the neck to match clothing. Apart from around the neck, can you think of what else can a silk scarf do?

In fact, silk scarves are not just decorative items wrapped around the neck. In spring and summer, silk scarves can also be used to bring decorative hair styles, creating a very refreshing effect. The scarf became a hairband tied to the hair, which looked more charming and exotic.

With a macaron-colored silk scarf, you can create a holiday-style braid. The silk scarf tightens the braid neatly, and the hair will still maintain a beautiful shape even after a day of fun. Simplify the unmanageable scarves and make the sweet colors of macarons flow smoothly through the hair.

Step 1: Divide the hair, separate the hair from the front and back areas from the ears, and then divide the hair on the forehead 1: 9.

Step 2: Divide the hair on the other side into two bundles, pass a corner of the scarf, pull out a small corner, and fix it.

Step 3: Use a silk scarf as one of the braids, and braid the hair into a colorful three-braid. It is fixed behind the head, and the extra silk scarf can be used as a hair accessory and fixed on the back side.

Step 4: Comb the back hair into a low ponytail and twist it with two braids.

Step 5: Enclose the two braids in a circle and fix it on the back of the head, which can be loosened, more like a flower shape.

Step 6: Twist the remaining strand of hair on the forehead to the back and fix it.

Note: Turn it into a strip shape all the time, and use it as a headband. )

The second paragraph: candy-colored scarves

Candy-colored scarves with modest braids, entwined, looming shapes. The shape created by using the silk scarf as the material will change the atmosphere of the whole shape.

Step 1: Grab an appropriate amount of hair and bundle it up to about two-thirds.

Step 2: Turn the hair bundled in step ① and fix it.

Step 3: Use a square silk scarf to fold a hair band about 5cm wide and tie it in the back of your head. The length of the scarf should be longer than the length of my hair, so that the visual effect is the most beautiful.

Step 4: Note that when you tie the ribbon, the knotted part tilts slightly to the right.

Step 5: To prevent the ribbon from falling, use a flat clip on both sides of the ribbon to fix it, preferably from below, so that the hair will feel a natural drooping while fixing.

Step 6: After tying the ribbon, place the hair on one side and split it into two strands. Add a total of three strands of hair to a braid. The whole braid is on one side.

Step 7: After the hair ends are tied with rubber bands, cover the rubber bands with the ends of the ribbon.

Step 8: Use two hands to loosen the finished hairstyle slightly, so that the entire styling is completed.