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Stick Scarf

Jan 16, 2019

The needle-style scarf has been popular since the autumn and winter of 2014. This thick, thick-eyed material is also often found in fashion shows.


In fact, the needle scarf / bib should be hanced by a lot of girls, or hand-woven, it seems that the simplest weave can be done with your fingers.


The classic partner of the bar needle scarf is the Parker coat. Both pieces give a thick, sturdy feeling and have the effect of age reduction. This kind of collocation is also a common girl match on campus, very youthful.


Wool coats, down jackets, sweaters, such as smooth and stable materials with wool wool scarf of the same material are harmonious, united, democratic and friendly.

By changing to a thick needle scarf, you can create a contrast on the material to create a layered look that enriches the overall look. If you think that the wool scarf is boring with the same color coat, you can try a needle scarf.

needle scarf

Let's go back to the classic combination of a great coat - Parker coat, Parker coat with a needle scarf is a normal ageing wear, if you want to make the Parker coat feminine, you can try a wool scarf. A soft wool scarf can reduce the casual feel of the Parker coat and increase the level of sophistication. So this is another case of a coat changing a different style of scarf.