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Square Scarves

Jan 16, 2019

Square scarf

The square scarf is also too large in size. If it is not good, it will easily give people a feeling of dragging. Many sisters don’t know how to deal with it. Here, you can share a simple method of frying chicken and let you get three styles at a time.

Fold the square into a triangle, place the triangle on the chest, and cross the neck of the scarf;



a. The two ends of the scarf are naturally hanged to the chest, and the first shape will come out.

b. The two sides of the scarf that are naturally falling down are tied to the chest. This feeling is even more difficult~

c. After the knot is tied to the scarf, hide it. Does it seem that there is no drag on the square scarf, which is simple and refreshing?

square scarf

There is also a very common method of circumstance. In fact, it is similar to the above. The main difference is that the scarf is folded into a triangle and then twisted into a rope.