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soccer scarf display ideas

Jul 30, 2018

I have a pretty big collection of soccer scarves that I want to hang up as a display on my wall. What I'm envisioning right now is some sort of curtain wire or picture wire hung horizontally 10ft with the scarves draped over it side by side - like this or this without the drooping. The scarves are about 8in wide each, and all together are heavier than you might expect - I tried putting in screws and rope to hang it up before, but the screws started giving in and tearing up the drywall.

Thoughts? Suggestions on what material I can hang them on, and what I would need to firmly get that into the wall?

I am going to assume your soccer scarves are roughly the weight of my roommates soccer scarves, she claims they are fairly internationally standardized.

Most people use a rod, hung by wall hooks, which you can get at most hardware stores. You will need drywall hooks, assuming your wall is made of drywall and studs are not in a convenient location.

A much easier plan is to buy a box of eye-hooks, at least 2cm long, placed every 9 or 10 inches depending on what you find aesthetically pleasing. Run a length of picture hanging wire between these. Since each hook will be hanging less than the weight of a single scarf, you should be able to get away without drywall hooks.

If there's the slightest chance that children will be pulling on these scarves, go with the second approach. No hanging system is immune to children, and it's generally preferable to avoid breaking children.

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