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How to see the true and false of Hermes scarf

Apr 29, 2019

How does Hermès scarf look true and false? Hermès scarves are true and false. Spring is the season for scarves. Hermes Hermes, as the first brand in the silk scarf industry, is also very popular. As a luxury in silk scarves, its price is naturally expensive, but the counterfeit goods about it are also endless, so the silk scarves that cost expensive money naturally do not want it to be counterfeit, so we need to learn how to To distinguish between true and false Hermes scarves, let's take a look at it with Xiaobian.

Low imitation Hermes scarves true and false identification

Identifying the way

Hermes hermes scarves are only produced in France, and there is no Chinese foundry. Naturally, there is no original singlemes scarf.

Discrimination method 2 scarf logo

The low imitation hermes logo letter is missing a point on the second E. The correct French spelling is HERMÈS-PARIS.

Discrimination method 3 scarf scarf direction

The curl of the edge of the low imitation hermes scarf is rolled to the opposite side, while the edge of the genuine hermes is rolled up face up and the hand-made appearance is round and bulging.

Discrimination method 3 Is the washing information perfect?

The low imitation hermes scarves are rough and lack information. The seals of genuine hermes scarves are: MADE IN FRANCE (made in France) SOIE 100% SILK (100% silk) washing logo and DRY CLEAN ONLY (dry cleaning only), white washing and black washing. And the use of English and French text, always in the scarf, does not appear in the middle of the front or sideline.

Discrimination method 4 View the washing stitching

The washing of the genuine silk scarf is always sewed on the silk scarf with the same color thread of the background silk scarf. If the stitching is wrong, it is doubtful whether it is a fake silk scarf.

Hermes scarf how to see the true and false Hermes scarf true and false identification map

High imitation Hermes scarves true and false identification

Discrimination method

The top left corner of the hermes scarf should have a copyright symbol ©HERMÈS. Note that this should be © instead of ®; HERMÈS cannot have PARIS behind it.

Discrimination method 2 Is there a designer signature?

In addition to the individual vintage retro version of the scarf, the hermes scarf should have a designer's signature.

Discrimination method three physical examination

Compared with the pattern of the hermes silk scarf official website, the high imitation hermes scarf is limited to the process technology, and the color types will be less. And the thickness of the silk is also thinner than the original one, which depends on the physical feel.