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Silk scarves, scarves, shawl scarves

Apr 24, 2019

Silk scarves, scarves, shawls scarves,.silk scarves are very thin, generally used in summer, scarves are thick, generally used in winter, and shawls, almost a bit of clothes, but suitable for all seasons. The silk scarf area is smaller than the scarf, the scarf area is similar to the shawl, and the scarf and shawl can be used with each other. Scarves are often used for decoration, while scarves keep warmer than decorative features.

Silk scarves are suitable for spring, summer and summer, and are used around the neck to match clothing and make up for use. The shapes vary from style to style and are suitable for people of all ages. These include silk scarves like the flight attendants and bank staff.

Scarf is more suitable for autumn and winter. It is a long strip, triangle, square, etc. around the neck. Wool material, chiffon material, silk material, cotton material, cloth, usually keep warm, but also because of beauty, cleanness or religion. And wear it. These include cotton, wool, cashmere, etc., which have a warming effect.

The shawl can be spring, summer, autumn and winter, also called the cloud shoulder. It is made of silk satin brocade. Most of the cloud shoulders are composed of four moiré patterns, called four-in-one, and willow-style, lotus-like, etc. There are auspicious propositions, such as rich peony, more than a long life, and fish in the years. It was popular during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and most of them were used in social occasions such as wedding banquets. Summer sunscreen thin shawls, air-conditioning shawls, shawls for dresses on weekdays, and scarves and shawls.

Silk Scarf System (female)

Mature and elegant strip knot: fold the long silk scarf into the appropriate width, make a loose and tight loop around the neck, and cross the knot at the end to adjust the tightness to achieve natural effect. This is the best way to be succinct and beautiful. Suitable for business informal gatherings.

Quiet and beautiful bow: fold the small square scarf popular in this season into a triangle, revealing the two corners of the shoulder, then put a bow on the chest, unfold the flower shape, and hide the knot slightly. If you want to use a beautiful silk scarf buckle, you should use a long silk scarf, which looks like a butterfly that dances far away, and the lower collar has a subtle complement. Applicable appointments and informal parties.

Passionate Baotou knot: Fold the silk scarf into a big triangle, wrap the head and a part of the forehead. The two corners are cross-knotted at the back of the neck. Once again, the cross is tied and the shape is finished. The hair is naturally drooping with the ribbon. Suitable for travel vacations and festival parties.

Feminine and sultry chest knot: fold a large square with a gorgeous temperament, fold the chest around the back, loosen the knot at the end, carefully arrange the desired shape. It should be noted that the silk scarf on the chest should be elastic and suitable for inserting a palm into the best condition. The color should not be too bright, and the fabric and texture should be soft and fluffy. This pair is paired with a solid color sweater, slim trousers, and avoiding complicated jewellery. It immediately presents an elegant and feminine femininity. Applicable formal dinners and large receptions.

Gently wrap the trousers: In addition to the silky towel gently winding to achieve a feminine open back, the national style silk scarf is most suitable for DIY into a knee long skirt, two silk scarves of the same kind The left and the right are tied to the waist, and after the staggering, the effect of the movement is suitable. Suitable for dinners and receptions.

Scarf wearing method

It’s really a matter of wearing a scarf, especially a silk scarf. No matter how many kinds of wearing a scarf, no one dares to swear. The designer will show you the fresh wearing of these scarves, adding some special decorations, such as silk scarves and long pearl necklaces. There are easy to learn entry methods, as well as some novelty and special fever techniques. These delicate scarves are twisted, folded, and entangled, making them a perfect decoration in their hands. Follow our steps and learn the techniques of wearing a scarf, so that your autumn is also full of cool and warm.

A long scarf can also be so small, wrapped around the neck twice, and then knotted.

The perfect match of B scarf and necklace looks a bit complicated, but it works very well.

CSelect a square scarf that folds into regular fan-shaped folds. Ironed slightly with an iron. Fasten the buckle and secure it with a scarf.

The D square is folded diagonally and twisted at the corner. Rotating buckle. Will be detained and sorted out.

E seems to be simple to wear, in fact, the beauty lies in the emphasis on the volume and integrity of the knot. First, stack the silk scarf into a strip, make an ordinary knot, and then wear the left and right towel corners out of the knot.

F long silk scarf hanging from the chest, the method is somewhat similar to the method of men's tie, the difference is that there is a string of necklaces, it is particularly charming.