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Silk Scarves

Jan 15, 2019

I just mentioned the flower scarf. A large area of thick flower scarf always makes people feel like an old lady, and has some sense of time, while the partial "lighting" of a small area of silk scarf can greatly increase the femininity and the degree of maturity.

Ordinary casual basic clothes, with the right silk scarf, can become full of femininity, and the balance is very good and will not overdo it.

flower silk scarf

Let's make a comparison of a silk scarf and a general wool scarf:

Camel coat gives a simple and natural feeling. We will find that the wool scarf gives people a more casual feeling. If you wear a pair of small white shoes, you will add a little casual care. The small silk scarf can improve the overall shape of the delicate and feminine, suitable shoes with Pumps, pointed flat shoes.


Gray long-sleeved sweaters or sweaters are also common combinations, with wool scarves and silk scarves, the effect is not the same.

Wool scarves and grey knitwear are the same texture, and the combination is a regular match that gives a comfortable and natural impression. The texture of the silk scarf is different from that of the gray top. The contrast between the two can bring a sense of elegance. If you want a basic model to be refined, you can try a silk scarf.