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Silk eye mask cleaning precautions

Feb 12, 2020

1. There are many types of real silk. It is recommended to check the washing label before cleaning. Some varieties are not suitable for washing, such as soft satin, brocade satin, antique satin, natural silk, gold crepe, gold velvet, etc .; some varieties are suitable for dry cleaning, such as velvet, Zhangrong, georgette, etc .; some can be washed. Soak for about 10 minutes, and the soaking time should not be too long. Dark colors are generally easy to fade. Wash in cold or warm water, and should not be soaked for a long time. Gently wash, do not rub vigorously. Select a light gear when machine washing.

2, not alkali-resistant, should choose neutral detergent without enzyme or silk;

3. Do not use chlorine-containing builders for soaking. Use oxygen-containing builders to remove stains.

4. Use squeeze washing, avoid twisting, squeezing and removing water, hanging or drying in half, do not expose to the sun, and not dry

5. Use softener to maintain soft feel and antistatic.

6. Silk eye masks should not be folded and stored. The boxes and cabinets for storing clothes should be kept clean and dry, sealed as far as possible to prevent dust pollution, do not spray deodorant or perfume, and do not place camphor pills.