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Seven matching examples

Mar 13, 2020

Match one with rose and black

The vibrant rose color brings warmth to the cold winter, and it is the best color that can show the feminine sweetness.

Matching skills: The combination of rose and black reflects the freshness and brightness of the layers. If you have fair skin, then rose is your best choice.

Match two pink and white

The pink tweed coat is a must-have for OL wardrobes this season. With a knitted long scarf, it is undoubtedly the sweetest and cute dress.

Matching skills: Clothing is very flexible. The long white knitted scarf is suitable for matching any color. Hurry up and choose one for yourself.

Match three with white and light blue

The snow-white OL suit has a natural and fresh temperament. It is very cute when combined with a light blue long knitted scarf.

Matching skills: This solid-colored knee-length scarf is very personality. You can put it on the front and back shoulders casually when you wear a jacket. In addition, the color of the scarf and the color of the bag complement each other, adding a little more charm to the overall match.

With four black and lake blue

The black knitted scarf is absolutely versatile. It always gives people a sense of stability and dullness, so in matching with clothing, you should choose brightly colored clothing.

Matching skills: The color of this lake blue coat and black scarf is very coordinated. The simple style becomes casual and fashionable under the black combination, and the color of the coat can also bring out the charm of black.

Match five yellow-white with white

Matching skills: This style is close to the British style. A certain brand's striped series also has a similar match. The windbreaker with a long cold towel reveals the British ladylike elegance.

With six meat powder and bright red

Matching skills: If you are a sexy or feminine woman, you can imitate this match, it will give you the feeling of being like a fairy.

Matching skills: This kind of scarf is very suitable for that implicit woman, they have common feature-intellectual charm. Unnatural but revealing the charm of a woman in her hands, this woman is most suitable for this kind of soft beauty.