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Scarves material selection

Dec 18, 2018

Cashmere scarf

Undoubtedly, a soft and thick cashmere scarf will be the best choice to enhance the quality.

Even skin-sensitive fairies can be used with ease~


Knitted scarves

Knitted scarves are probably everyone's childhood memories! Don't think it's not enough, the knit fabric has a strong three-dimensional effect, and the most intuitive advantage of wearing it on the neck is that it is small!


The thick knit scarf is thicker and warmer, giving you the warmest sense of security.


Faux fur scarf

In recent years, the imitation fur elements have set off a boom in the fashion circle. Compared with the local temperament of the imitation fur coat, the imitation fur scarf has more people in the price.

Your dressing role model Olivia has a soft spot for it.