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Scarves make you the focal beauty

Mar 10, 2020

Every girl should have her own silk scarf. Each silk scarf is like a butterfly flying around her neck, embellishing your dress, making your beauty more vivid.

The choice of a silk scarf is closely related to your color season and wearing style. What is the color season? That is, your color range from head to toe is determined by the color of your hair, eyes, and skin. It is divided into six categories: dark, light, cold, warm, clean, and soft.

If you have dark hair, dark eyes and skin tone that is not too white, you are a "dark" person, then when you choose a silk scarf, you must choose some strong and colorful colors. You cannot choose too light Old colors, wearing such a scarf will make your face look pale and lacking spirit. On the contrary, some light-colored scarves, such as light peach, light gold, etc., are suitable for "light" -colored people. Most of these people have dark hair and white eyes. If they wear dark scarves, , Can only look old-fashioned and rigid. Blue or purple scarves are full of romantic colors, suitable for "cold" people with blue backgrounds on their faces. People with "cold" people who can't wear yellow backgrounds will look embarrassed. The colors of yellow tones such as orange and yellow are full of sun-like warmth, but not everyone looks good. Only the "warm" color type is beautiful. If you are a "warm" color type, you can choose pumpkin color, Bright yellow and other color scarves. Some bright pink, apple green, water blue, and other silk scarves are good choices for "clean" people. Black hair, white skin, and black eyes are "clean". These high-gloss colors will make the "net" type people reflect the diamond-like brilliance.

In addition to choosing the right color for scarves, you must also pay attention to the style, texture, and method. For example, some scarves with small lace and small lattices are very suitable for small, cute "girly" people. They are not suitable for tie scarves. Too exaggerated, such as a large bow or a large shawl. "Romantic" requires gorgeous and delicate, so some rough silk scarves can not be tied, such as hemp, very wrinkled cotton and so on. The scarf pattern can be water ripples, large flowers, and the method can also be atmospheric and feminine, such as large bows and large flowers.

There are also some girls who like to tie a silk scarf into a tie type, very handsome! This method is more suitable for "junior" and "fashionable" people, with a shirt, it will look very stylish and capable. The "classical type" is noble and rigorous. The method of the scarf needs to be dignified, and the material must be delicate and textured. It should not be too skewed or exaggerated. Some bohemian style silk scarves are atmospheric and casual. Maybe simply put on the body to bring out the "natural" human temperament. The fabric can also be wrinkled and slightly rough such as hemp and cotton. Sensation, such as big pin scarf, corduroy, tweed, etc. The atmosphere is the key to the "dramatic" human scarves. It cannot be stingy. A small flower and a bow tie are not suitable for them. It should be a large shawl and a large flower that are in line with their publicity. Even if you choose a small square, you need to choose a bigger color.

Add a few scarves to your wardrobe garden. Let it walk in your garden like a butterfly. Want a beautiful transformation, how can you have clothes, bags, and shoes alone! A beautiful silk scarf makes you a focused beauty!