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Scarves cleverly to slim fit

Oct 06, 2019

You are very fortunate if you have a slender neck, and you can try all kinds of scarves. For example, a person with a long neck is very suitable for "tied" a silk scarf, and what kind of binding method looks beautiful.

People with short necks are more picky about the color, texture and method of silk scarves. It is recommended to choose a thin cloth, do not cover the neck too much; do not tie the silk scarf to the center of the neck, try to tie it down a little, form a V shape, visually extend the neck; the color is too complicated or the pattern is too large The towel will also make the neck look shorter. In addition, the effect of the silk scarf should be proportional to the body, and the petite and delicate people should avoid too large and too thick scarves.

Scarf method to increase neck length

1. The small squares are folded diagonally and stacked into strips.

2. Hold both ends and twist them in different directions to form a symmetrical spiral stripe and adjust the thickness.

3. Use the ends to make a small knot, and the knot can be placed in the middle or the neck side.