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Scarf-Two light knot

Jan 18, 2019

Scarf-Two light knot

Scarf type: cotton wool scarf, it can be.

With clothing: sweater, turtleneck sweater can be equipped with a monochrome scarf, simple, wearing a jacket is also suitable; if you directly match the sweater jacket or low neck sweater, you can choose a mix of two colors of scarf. But the premise is that the color of the sweater itself is dull, otherwise it will become a Christmas tree.

Suitable environment: anywhere outside.

Color: In fact, the play is almost always the same. The only ever-changing is the scarf and the world of color that are constantly updated with the costumes. It is wonderful.

Playing style:

1. Wrap the scarf around your neck;

2. Cross the back of the neck, then insert them in front of each other.

The biggest advantage: Because it is the most basic style of thick scarf, it is especially easy to learn. Moreover, for those "lazy bones", save time and effort!

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