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Scarf: triangle prefix

Jan 29, 2019

Step 1: Fold the square scarf diagonally into a triangle

Step 2: Pinch the symmetrical sharp ends of the scarf triangle

Step 3: Place the big triangle on the chest and the sharp ends at the ends

Step 4: Knot the knot behind the neck, be careful not to over-tighten or loosen, just surround the collar.

Step 5: Adjust the folds on the chest to the natural relaxation

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The "triangular prefix" method is derived from the western style scarf, so there is no shortage of rough boys in the gene. It is very suitable for tops with pullovers, sweaters, etc. The suit jacket is also the perfect match for this system. Squares from 50cm long to 90cm long can be used for this method. Of course, the size of the "triangle" will vary with the size of the scarf.