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Scarf Selection Guide

Sep 20, 2019

1. Identify fine from material and color

Good cloth is the first element of the fine of silk scarves. In addition to cautious determination of fabrics, the sewing of the silk cloth edges is manually selected. Printing colour must additionally be uniform. In general, the coloration of silk scarves can on occasion be used as a popular to measure the high-quality of the silk. The greater colourful the silk scarves, the value of printing and dyeing will increase, and the exceptional will be better.

2, According to the traits of the body to choose

The material, measurement and style of the silk scarf are different. The length, thickness and position of the silk scarf will be different. It is pleasant to healthy your body shape and try to use silk scarves to show the advantages. Here to remind everyone, when shopping for a scarf, the visual inspection is usually no longer very accurate, the dimension is a small difference, misplaced a thousand miles, slightly larger or smaller, the effect is no longer the same, it is exceptional to be the most on the spot Skilled play and try to locate out the mystery.

3, Pay attention to whether there is a extraordinary design

Specially designed scarves typically require a distinct style of play to show the designer's ingenuity and creativity. When buying silk scarves, you must pay attention to the printing of silk scarves, whether the patterns have one-of-a-kind design, and you need to try to tie them out.

4, The material of the scarf conform to non-public style

If your dress is conservative and reveals elegance and noble temperament, then silk scarves will be your great choice; obvious gauze scarf is suitable for romantic style. When sporting informal clothes, choose a smooth and tender cotton and linen scarf!