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Scarf matching knowledge

May 12, 2020

Scarves are also well-learned, such as white coats with dark blue velvet scarves, gray coats with red scarves, apricot yellow outerwear with rose-purple scarves; when the color of the coat is close to the scarves, you can use shiny pins to coordinate. It is worth noting that, in order to match the elegant effect, the collar of the clothing should be specially emphasized. For example, a sweater with a turtleneck is better, and a coat with a V-neck or lapel is better. Here are a few interesting dresses for you:

A: Long-shaped scarlet floral scarves with gray clothing can make it beat spiritually;

B: Collared ochre coat with a pale white flower-shaped square scarf with a rose bottom and a knot in the middle of the neckline or a little to the side will make people look noble and reserved

C: Cross a red silk scarf with an orange-red floral pattern around the chest and cross it under the ribs, tie a knot at the back through the ribs, and put on a coat, the unique personality will be vividly revealed;

D: A quiet, pure and creative girl who can tie two white roses on her neck with a pure white silk scarf. A playful and lovely girl with pure and flawless innocence stands there smilingly;

E: A girl with a lively and outgoing personality or buy a few more colorful small squares, choose a side with a length of 32 to 40 cm, and then stack it into a "winter hat"-folk spray, abstract and even post-modern spray Dyeing process will bring unexpected surprises to "landscape";

F: Women who are full of artistic instincts can choose the kind of high-grade silk scarf with a quiet fragrance, and let the incense flutter all the time. These scarves are mostly three-dimensional flower patterns, such as slender morning glory, noble orchids, etc., at a glance, it is difficult to release.

G: A light-colored leopard pattern long scarf, which is relatively light and thin, and very stylish. It is a perfect embodiment of the method and matching of the long scarf.