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Scarf - hair band headdress

Jan 29, 2019

Step 1: Fold the square scarf diagonally into a strip of left and right width

Step 2: Keep the length of both ends equal, centering on the hairline position

Step 3: Knot the knot behind the neck, pay attention to the hairpin

Step 4: After knotting, the tilt angle can be adjusted appropriately.

silk scarf

Almost since the birth of silk scarves, people have begun to tie them to the head in various ways. The "hairband headwear" is the most compact of the various silk scarf headdresses, and is more suitable for Asian faces than the method of wrapping the entire head. This method is best to embellish the natural mix and match when you are on vacation. The silk scarf must be more than 90cm in length to be practical.



In the autumn and winter styles, scarves can be used as accessories for eye-catching use, but many people are worried that the matching of silk scarves will give people the impression of “old-fashioned”. In fact, as long as you master the simple silk scarf modeling principle, you can easily control and add color to your dress. Sum up the 5 Tips for you, and let you know how to take the scarf!