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Scarf - flowing tie

Jan 29, 2019

Step 1: Pinch the corner of the scarf or long towel and let the silk scarf fall naturally.

Step 2: Wrap the shorter end around the neck and the long end on the chest

Step 3: The short-end towel head is wrapped around the long-end root to make a knot, and the elastic just surrounds the collar.

Step 4: Insert the short knot into the collar to hide, and the knot is tilted to the side of the chest.

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"Floating tie" is definitely the most popular silk scarf in recent seasons. It is a combination of style and elegance. It can be combined with all kinds of clothing. The only taboo match may be the oversize shirt, because the silk scarf is longer, it will add a feeling to the wide costume. Try this method, you can buy a long strip of silk scarf directly or fold it with a scarf more than 90cm in length.