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Scarf aficionados

May 15, 2018

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We speak with Dubai residents who would rarely leave home without draping their precious scarf

They're real.These scarf aficionados,and exist even within the contrasts of Dubai's climate,thanks to the versatile nature of an accessory known as dress scarves.Made from silk,cotton or wool,these are not just for cold weather but for indoor wear, too.They are fashionable,readily available,accentuate one's personality, won't always break your budget,and often have that pop of colour with a contrasting hem to give them a marvellous sense of detail.As Kate Moss once remarked,"I like a scarf with a shirt, it throws it off a bit."But, more than fashion statements,a collection of scarves may tell a story of the wearer's personal journey through life.

For those who prefer nonchalance,the unstructured knots and unfussy wrapping can go a long way to making scarves look casual and sporty.Art collector, author and biking enthusiast,Shan Fazelbhoy says, "Scarves are a wonderful fashion accessory whether tied around your neck,your head,wrist or your handbag strap.They are super versatile and can add a touch of glamour and style." 

Her collection of cotton,silk and wool,is fit for all seasons - Russian winter to Japanese figures to branded motifs - and is a prized compilation of gifts and travel. 

"When on my motorbike in Dubai,I usually stay with cotton or a mix of it,and although nothing prevents 'helmet hair' unfortunately,it at least keeps the damage under wraps - literally,"says Fazelbhoy.

Scarf lover Deepali Sawlani got serious about scarves in 1996,when it was time to make her mark on the big world of corporate finance across the UAE,the US and Australia.While researching the various ways in which she could tie scarves,she read that the word 'scarf' originated from 'scar' in France."French women used handkerchief scarves to cover any bruises on their neck,"says Sawlani, who owns 50 curated scarves. 

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