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Post-treatment of silk fabrics-pre-shrinking, washing, sand washing

Mar 24, 2020

I. Shrink

First of all, it must be pointed out that all silk materials will shrink after washing, but different processes or different silk fabrics have different shrinkage ratios. Especially for relatively wrinkled fabrics, such as Shun Qiaoqi, the shrinkage of this fabric has reached 18% ~ 23%. So when customers buy georgette or double crepe satin, they still have to remind them that the shrinkage rate of this fabric is relatively large, otherwise the customers may think that your product is defective without knowing it.

Then, since the product shrinks and becomes smaller, if it is still the original area, the price will naturally change. The calculation method of full shrinkage is generally: full shrinkage = current price * (shrinkage rate + 100%).

2. Washing

Washing, as the name implies, is to soak or rinse silk fabrics in water. The purpose is to break the original silk fiber lying on the plain weave and adjust its original structure so that the entire fabric feels softer. Because washing is washed in water, it will definitely produce a shrinkage phenomenon. Its price is generally calculated based on the full price reduction or based on the full price reduction plus a 2 yuan washing fee.

Three. Sand washing

Sand washing refers to rinsing the fabric with alkaline water. The erosion of silk fabrics by alkali will erode the silk fibers more seriously, making the surface of the fibers uneven and rough. The sand-washed silk fabric looks like a layer of white hair or grays on the surface. In fact, due to the severe erosion of alkali, the relatively hard fiber structure becomes soft, and the whole fabric becomes softer as a whole.

Because different customers and sellers have different standards for the degree of sand washing, if customers ask to buy sand washing products, they will usually ask customers to send samples first, and the seller confirms the degree of sand washing through samples. Customers must not say that light sand or medium sand, we will do as we think of the light sand or medium sand, otherwise, it is easy to have a gap.