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Plaid scarf

Jan 15, 2019

If you feel that you need some courage to use a large red scarf, feel too glaring, but feel that the gray scarf is too dim, then the plaid scarf is a good compromise.

The same black match, while the flower scarf on the right adds femininity and sophistication, but at the same time it has a more mature effect. The plaid scarf adds a sense of jumping on the basis of the leisurelyness of the gray scarf, and does not jump like the flower scarf on the right.

It is a law-abiding, safe and error-free, and can be slightly "lighted" function, which is the core of the plaid scarf.

plaid scarf

Plaid scarves have many colors, so many girls don't know what color to buy when they want to buy a plaid scarf. They may pick a color they like, but buy it and find out why it's weird with your clothes, or messy. Looks special?

If you already have a plaid scarf, then you need to find the most basic clothes in your clothes cabinet, black and white.

Our "white rice" - white T + jeans, plus a jacket, plus a plaid scarf, tied a ball head, is the most error-free wearing method, with any color plaid scarf can do.


Although it is an old-fashioned and easy to wear shirt,for the novice, this routine is very good to get started, and suitable for most people, it is still very useful and suitable for the student party


If you are planning to buy a new plaid scarf, look at your own wardrobe and see what color you usually wear.

If you are an office worker, you can choose a tartan scarf of the same color. Compared with the above basic model + casually a plaid scarf, the same color system will be more elegant and mature, and feel more connotation and temperament.


There is also a color match, which is to choose a scarf with a little color of your clothes. For example, at the far right of the picture below, the main color of the plaid scarf is black and green, but there is also a deep purple in the scarf, and the purple sweater on the girl echoes each other. This kind of matching is also very harmonious.


The overall color of the plaid scarf and the echo of the shoes are also a good way, provided that the tops and bottoms are also kept in plain color, otherwise they will look messy