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Personalized scarf with letters

Oct 07, 2019

A cold rush came, the land of China was snowing everywhere, and even the little friends in the south felt a strong chill. I haven't worn a scarf for a long time. I have turned out that big carpet-style scarf. The trend of the big scarf that was popular in 2017 is back, but this time the scarf fashion is more popular with everyone.

Young and very sporty printed scarves, you can easily control the stylish style of different styles, hold the fashion and keep warm. Let's take a look at how fashionistas wear her printed scarves out of fashion.

A black sports suit with a thick plush printed scarf is warm and stylish.

The classic plaid coat is paired with sexy over-the-knee boots, and the leg length is still very fashionable. It is paired with a sporty striped striped letter scarf to make the retro look more energetic.
The solid color scarf is simple, while the printed scarf has personality, a black and elegant combination, with such a printed scarf, more affinity.

Sports Fan's printed scarf with a denim jacket is also very energetic, and a variety of different fancy embellishments highlight the overall layering.

If the down jacket is not well worn, then wear a warm letter printed scarf, warm and very fan-shaped, and the green printed scarf echoes the trousers and the overall coordination.

The scarf doesn't have to be around the neck, it's also very nice to wear, a youthful printed scarf, with a long brown coat, and then tied to the waist with a belt, the personality is still very small and slim.

Another advantage of the carpet-style scarf is that it can be worn, and the fashionable hipsters have already put on this vibrant and warm printed scarf.

The printed scarf is really pretty, youthful and fashionable, the key is to keep it warm.