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Pay attention to the method of buying wool and cashmere

Apr 24, 2020

A. Don't use the burning method, this judgment cannot be made out, because rabbit hair can be mixed. Cashmere that does not dare to be washed is not good cashmere.

B. The better the cashmere (wool) fabric, the more primitive and plain the color must be. The kind of deep purple scarlet is generally not a good fabric (except for special). In simple terms, a beautiful woman dares to face up to the sky and has heavy makeup What should I cover?

C. Don't just look at the number of counts. The finishing of the fabrics of large factories is done well. The texture of 100 can kill 130 of the small factories.

D. Don't just think that ring velvet is good. There is a difference between "dense and thin" and "thin and thin". Really, the ring velvet must be more than 200 pieces.

E. Looking at the cardigan's logo, the sf24 / s 26s / 2, 28s / 2 is woolen spinning, the higher is called worsted spinning, such as 48s / 2 60 / s 120 / s

F. The number of stitches in a cashmere sweater is different from the number of stitches in a fabric. In simple terms, a 7-pin 9-pin cashmere sweater is thick. In winter, a coat in Beijing plus a 7-pin 9-pin cashmere sweater is OK. 12--16 needles It's not thick enough, it's enough to wear down, 18-pin is for summer.

G. The benefits of silk and cashmere blending are not as great as advertised. Simply put, I do n’t buy this domestically produced blended fabric, because the body feel is better, but it does not keep warm. One is long velvet and one is short. Fleece, poor technology, they can not be mixed together. Moreover, if the silk is originally thin (12 microns), if the domestic fabric is marked with 120 silk wool blends, the quality is actually much worse than that of pure 120 wool. Foreign fabrics are a little more conscientious. The SD is 120S mixed silk, which means that I used 120 wools.

H. Cashmere must let it rest. Good fabrics are like this, including lambskin. Otherwise, the bigger the structure is, the easier it is to become invisible. Simply put, if you wear a cashmere sweater for a day, you should lay it down for a day. Let the fiber stretched by gravity slowly bounce back.