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one scarf, it is equal to double the clothes and jewelry.

Feb 27, 2019

Step 1: Fold the square scarf diagonally into a neat slender strip

Step 2: Make a loose knot in the quarter, keep the corners long and short.

Step 3: Centering on the back of the neck, the corner of the towel is hanging on the chest

Step 4: Insert the longer end into the loose collar hole and pull it out.

Step 5: Adjust the length of the towel and tilt the node to the side naturally.

The “exquisite summary” method is popular from the elegant 50s, which makes it easier to highlight the feminine and elegant side of women. Whether it is combined with a classic white shirt, a little black dress, or a windbreaker jacket, it is very suitable. It is most suitable for operation with a scarf with a length of about 70 cm. If it is a scarf with a length of 90 cm or more, it can be considered that the neck is multi-lined and then knotted.

In the 1953 film "Roman Holiday", Audrey Hepburn's a playful silk scarf adds a wonderful touch to this simple outfit.


This portrait of Grace Kelly in the early 1950s is also a simple white shirt with a delicate knot.

square silk scarf