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Notes on wearing a suit and tie

Mar 17, 2020

The common sense and cultural definition of modern business suits have become a universal common sense. While wearing a suit, Chinese people should also understand the knowledge of daily suits in order to wear a suit.

1. The single-row two-button suit, all buttons are casual, easy, and one-sided grain is solemn, full buckle means ignorance; single-row three-button suit, all buttons are casual, easy, only buckle in the middle One buckle means authentic, two buckles above it means solemnity, and the full buckle means ignorance; a double-breasted suit can be fully buckled, or just one buckle above, which means relaxed and fashionable, but not without buckle.

2. The cuff mark should be removed when wearing. The outer bag can only put light, thin or nothings.

3. The shirt must be kept clean, and the collar and cufflinks must be fastened; the shirt cuffs should be exposed about 1 cm, and the shirt collar should be 0.5 cm higher than the suit collar to protect the suit collar and add beauty.

4. Wear a suit on formal occasions and wear a tie. The tone of the tie should match the color of the suit. In informal occasions, it is not necessary to tie a tie, but the shirt collar should be unbuttoned to show casual and free, to avoid people forgetting to tie a tie.

5. The pants line of the trousers needs to be hot and straight. Generally, it should be the same color and the same material as the top, but it can also be the same color and have depth.

6. The vest can be worn or not, but it means grand. It is the same material as the top. It can also be replaced by a waistband.

7. Vulgar: suit leather shoes: wear a suit must be accompanied by leather shoes, at the same time pay attention to the unity of color and style; hair should also be clean and tidy.

In short, the mainstream cultural impression of a suit is: cultural, educated, gentlemanly, and authoritative.