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Narrow scarf

Jan 25, 2019

It does not have the function of keeping warm, and the only function is beauty.

Look1: flat knot

This method is very common in daily life, easy to take, as long as it echoes the color of the clothes. This retro-patterned narrow scarf adds an exotic look to Nepal’s day.

Method: Take a long silk scarf around the neck, and put a loose knot on the chest. The knotting position can be up and down.


Look2: single layer bow

This method gives a gentle and sweet feeling and is suitable for a relaxing holiday. On the beach in the North Sea, it echoes with my blue knit skirt, which makes the white shirt even more academic.

Department of Law: Use a long scarf to make a big bow on the chest, as if to wrap yourself into a gift.


ook3: Multi-layer bow

Only a slightly stiffer organza supports this very French style, the fabric is transparent, the layers are not cumbersome, and the elegance supports an elegant afternoon tea dress.

Method: Put a special long narrow scarf around the neck for more than two turns and then put a bow.


Look4: is a hair band

The same color of the narrow scarf with the clothes is also suitable for becoming a chic hair band, expressing the feminine and elegant side of women.

Department of law: You can first hit the knot on the top of the head, then slowly move to one side of the ear.


Look5: Choker method

A sensational style, but it needs to be windy on the spot, which is most suitable for the early morning of the sea.

Method: After wrapping the long scarf around the neck, make a random knot on the side.


Look6: Baotou system

It is also the same organza silk scarf. This scene is in the southern French countryside. The shawl wrapped around the head plays the role of “fashionable village woman”.

Department of Law: Surrounded on the head, from the back to the back of the neck free knot.