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Method for identifying silk scarves

Feb 10, 2019

Silk scarves are a necessary artifact for women to decorate their beauty. Once a woman has a bun, it will spread beauty from the outside to the heart and into the temperament.


Nowadays, there are more and more silk scarves on the Internet, and most of them are under the banner of silk scarves. The descriptions and trade names are all silk scarves, but many friends have found that they are not silk scarves at all. Today we are Hangzhou silk novels. The towel team will share with you how to identify silk scarves when purchasing silk scarves, so that everyone can buy real silk scarves at reasonable prices.

First, judge from the price

The price of silk fabric is about double that of chemical fiber and silk satin. From this point of view, everyone should pay more attention when purchasing silk scarves. Basically, there will be no money or twenty or thirty dollars. A large part of the silk scarves are silk scarves. Generally, a silk scarf should have a price of at least one hundred yuan.

Second, look at the sheen of the silk scarf

Silk has a light-absorbing performance, looks smooth and does not look like a mirror, the gloss is soft and even, the pearl is bright, bright but not glaring; and the rayon is bright but not soft.

Third, touch the feel of the scarf

Silk fabrics have a scratching feel. The hand feels soft and elegant, the silk thread is dense, and there will be wrinkles by hand. The higher the purity and the higher the density, the better the silk feel.

The silk and chemical fiber fabrics have no scratches. Although the silk fabric is de-sturdy, the hand feels smoother and softer, but it is not crisp, the silk surface is dark, and there is no pearl luster; the chemical fiber fabric is bright and glaring, and the hand feels stiff.

Fourth, judge by crease

  When the hand is pinched tightly and then released, there is no crease due to its elasticity.

  The rayon fabric has obvious creases after hand pinching, and the creases are difficult to restore.

Fifth, the fiber pull

  Pull out a few fibers at the edge of the fabric and moisten them with the tongue. If the wetted area is broken, it is rayon; otherwise it is a silk fabric.

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