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Mercerized cotton and modal which is better

Oct 22, 2019

Which is better for mercerized cotton and modal? Which is expensive for mercerized cotton and modal? Mercerized cotton and modal are the most popular apparel fabrics, among which mercerized cotton is a kind of cotton, so its characteristics will be closer to pure cotton, and the essence of Modal (Mudal, Modal) is a cellulose fiber. It belongs to a new type of environmentally friendly fabric.

Modal: First, Modal is made by processing wood pulp and then undergoing a series of processing techniques. Therefore, it is a man-made fiber, and the fabric of this fiber can be naturally degraded, which is a good solution to the problem of fabric disposal. The problem of pollution in the environment. Then, the fiber fineness of Modal will be thinner than that of mercerized cotton and silk, which means that its yarn strength will be higher, and the fabric will not break during the processing such as spinning, so the modal fabric will be more The elasticity of cotton is better. Looking at the characteristics of Modal fabrics, Modal fabrics are soft and smooth, the fabrics are bright and the overall drape of the clothes is better than mercerized cotton, but Modal has a very fatal flaw: the fabric is not very wide, which is also That's why there are basically no suits or jackets that require a high degree of comfort.

The moisture permeability of modal clothing is similar to that of mercerized cotton, so they are very suitable for making close-fitting clothing, and they will not stimulate the skin and even help the body's blood circulation.

Mercerized cotton: Mercerized cotton, as its name suggests, is the surface of the fabric with a mercerizing luster. This luster is more pronounced under the light. The mercerized cotton treated by mercerizing and singeing is much better than the modal, and its anti-wrinkle properties are also It will be better than modal to get pilling. However, because mercerized cotton has more complicated processing procedures than Modal, and generally wants to use high-quality cotton as a raw material for production, the price of the fabric will naturally be higher than that of Modal.

By comparing the characteristics of modal and mercerized cotton, we can know that there are no good or bad arguments for each of them. So what we have to do is to choose a more suitable fabric according to the use of the fabric, for example, to make a personal fit with modal. Clothing, etc.