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Men's scarf trend

Jun 03, 2020

For men's scarves, popular elements are very important. As a matching material plus practical warm accessories, if you want to be a fashionista, you must start with details. Men's scarf manufacturer Hundredscarf will come to summarize some popular elements on scarves.

1. Printing

Large-area printing is still the designer's more elements used on scarves. On the Joshua Kane show, elegant champagne-colored printed scarves are used with solid-colored suits. On the Burberry Prorsum show, colorful printed scarves are used to match the clothing. Matching, perfect color matching into one, showing the gentleman's new style.


2. Tassel

The romantic tassel element is not limited to women's clothing. On the men's show, whether it is a colorful triangle scarf or a striped pattern long scarf, the thick knitted fabric is full of winter literary feelings because of the tassel design details.


3. Triangle towel

Scarves are definitely the first choice for men in winter. Boys who like BOY style may wish to try thick triangle scarves. On the XanderZhou show field, black or white triangle scarves replace the superimposed layering with simple components. There is a feeling of a bohemian western world.


After reading these, is there anyone you like? Put on such a scarf and add some fashion sense to yourself!

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