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Men's Scarf Style Selection

Feb 24, 2020

First, wavy print scarf

The wavy print is the most common, and the colored wavy scarf is particularly eye-catching. Even when paired with a blue plaid suit, you will not feel overshadowed, because the wavy print scarf has its own unique charm. The fringed design on the hem of the scarf adds a bit of airiness.

Second, grey twist scarf

The solid color of gray gives a very comfortable feeling. Although gray is monotonous, its introverted temperament is worthy of our attention. In particular, the technology of twist weaving is added to make the twist scarf more three-dimensional. No matter how dull or fancy the gray scarf is, it can be a part of it.

Third, the classic check scarf

Plaid is the most classic print among all scarves. The casual wearing method makes this scarf extend a bit of sexy. The classic checkered print releases more of the retro temperament of England. Such a scarf, leaning on a suit, can add an extravagant little atmosphere.

Four, dark blue scarf

The dark blue is more restrained and wise than the gray scarf, and it is the first choice for gentleman clothing. Above the light blue shirt, dark blue is the calm temperament of the scarf. When matching dark scarves, be careful not to choose suits and shirts of the same color to match them, it is easy to bury the highlights.

Five, threaded gray scarf

The scarf is also a kind of scarf. The method of wearing the scarf is simpler than the scarf. The simple thread is the embodiment of the texture of the scarf. The knitted material makes the scarf warmer and softer. The gray threaded collar is very versatile and can be worn with any outfit.

Six, color pad printing scarf

The printed scarf is too gorgeous, the more it can reflect its true value in the dim clothing, especially the colorful patterns are good for stimulating our vision and let us always scan its pureness without comment. Can be a good tool to brighten up your clothing