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Key points for men's scarves

Feb 24, 2020

First, keep it simple

Generally speaking, if you often attend business occasions, the best choice of scarf is to choose a plain style, even if there is a pattern, you should choose a low-key and generous. Keep those flamboyant and outrageous styles when you go to the nightclub. In the workplace, too fancy styles will only reduce your professionalism.

Second, man point

Men have been wearing scarves for thousands of years. At first, scarves were a way to show rank in the military, so there was no sense of childishness. Leopard prints, prints, or scarves are left to women. A man's scarf must look like a man.

Third, interesting

Simplicity and masculinity do not mean boredom. If you wear a black or gray, then a burgundy scarf can create visual highlights and become the finishing touch of the overall shape. But remember, you just need a low-key highlight. Don't use too much force. In addition to the highlights in color, the Paisley patterned scarf is also a very good choice. This is a rare and not too hot pattern that can be used on men.

Fourth, choose the plaid that suits you

There is no problem for men to wear the simplest checkered scarf. The low-key polka dot or striped scarf is also suitable for men, houndstooth or plaid pattern is also ok. But we must keep in mind the principle of "no more than 3 colors". In fact, the checkered pattern is not suitable for men. If the style of this scarf looks like a tie for business wear, a classic pocket square, or the pattern has appeared on a formal shirt or jacket, then you can There is absolutely no problem with him.