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Maintenance method of silk pajamas

Jun 18, 2020

1 When buying silk clothing, pay attention to purchase 2~4 cm larger than your original size, so that it is comfortable to wear, and it is not easy to damage mulberry silk protein fibers.

2 Mulberry silk clothing should be dried in the shade and not allowed to dry in the sun or fluorescent light.

3 Mulberry silk garments should be ironed at medium temperature (130~140 degrees Celsius).

4 Mulberry silk clothing is highly hygroscopic, it is best to hang it with a hanger and keep it ventilated when not wearing it; if the clothes are not very dirty, you can not wash them, hang the clothes you pass in a ventilated place, and then wear them after the sweat has evaporated;

5 It is best to hang and store mulberry silk clothing and keep it dry. The insect repellent must be wrapped in cloth and do not directly touch the clothing.