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Long Scarf

Jan 28, 2019

Long shawl style, it knows the delicate and delicate beauty of women, but also the most kind. Because you use a long scarf, you can cover your body defects at will. For example, when I am seated, I will use it to cover my stomach. Haha.

Look1: Become a big shawl

A cashmere long towel of sufficient size can be a warm shawl on the edge of the Thousand Island Lake in winter. It not only brightens the dark cashmere coat, but also gives a valuable layering. Deep caramel color is the kind of cool and temperature-sensitive color. It is the first choice for winter scarves.

Method: Put it on the outside of the big coat, then loosely arrange it in the direction of the arm, remember to sort out the collar.


Look2: Baotou system

It is also the old grandmother's Baotou method. After this change to a long towel, it is obviously more layered. Take the white lace scarf as a headscarf and walk into the West Island cold wave and wake up in the morning, warm and elegant.

Ways: Feel free, as long as the head is wrapped in, and then pull down a little, revealing the hair of the forehead.


Look3: May Fourth Women's Youth

Put the long ends of the long scarf on the shoulders one by one. This is a small and fresh street in Taipei, the most suitable literary young woman dress up.

Ways: just pay attention to not consistent front and back.


Look4: Feel free to put on your chest

The night of Sanya is coming, and the orange in the evening glow becomes a long silk scarf flying in parallel with the wind. This orange red also runs through a sleeveless blue-flowered skirt that is wet by the sea.

Method: Just be careful not to be the same length.


Look5: tied in the belt

This is the weekend of Moganshan leisurely, the same color long towel to strengthen the tenderness of the appeal. Tie with a belt, and I will be refreshed.

Department of law: first put a long towel on the chest, and then put on a belt.


Look6: The scarf method

Dali's field roadside is very good, so the Pacers should dress up and look good. Today, I will tie the sashes of the culottes into a scarf, which is a knot and is full of fun.

Ways: Please remember the play of the red scarf when you were young.