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Large Square Scarf

Jan 28, 2019

The size of the big scarf in the scarf is very important, it provides the possibility of more wear on the road.

Look1: Shawl

When you enter the air-conditioned place in the summer or play at the beach, you can use the silk scarf as a shawl to prevent the shoulders and neck from catching cold and sun protection.

Ways: arbitrarily draped over the body, pay attention not to the same length.


Look2: tied at the waist

The overall color of the clothes can use a flower-colored scarf, while the overall floral color can extract the brightest color from the pattern, and the bright color is placed at the waist to brighten the overall wear.

Method: First tie a belt, then pass the scarf through the belt at will, and finally adjust the length ratio.


Look3: Form a new collar

The blue polka-dot scarf in the picture is like the long collar of a knit cardigan. If you wear a blazer, you can put it into a suit and form a multi-layered collar. Chic and energetic.

Method: fold the strip, hang it between the neck, and then decide whether to buckle the jacket.


Look4: Grandma Baotou

It is good for warmth and is suitable for outdoor winds and low temperatures. It can also be applied to concave shapes. This is the last bunch of lavender on the Provencal roadside. When I smell it, my headscarf has become the protagonist.

Department of Law: Like a grandmother, tie the headscarf, tie it behind the neck, not easy to loose.


Look5: tied in the belt

This is the autumn sun in front of the Fontainebleau Palace. The white knit skirt and the "mother loves Paris" red big square scarf bring a good skin tone and good mood for today's journey. With a gold belt, it is graceful.

Department of law: first fold the large square into a triangle on the chest, and then put a gold thin belt.