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Large analysis of the material of chiffon, satin and silk scarf

Mar 28, 2019

Is it the same thing to chiffon and satin?Answer: First, mulberry silk.

slik scarf

Silk is a continuous long fiber formed by the secretion of silk secretion when the silkworm is clogged, also called "natural silk". Like wool, it is one of the earliest animal fibers used by humans. According to different foods, it is divided into silkworm, tussah, cassava, tussah, willow and silkworm.

The thread drawn from a single silkworm cocoon is called silk, which is made by bonding two single fibers with silk glue. The silkworms of several silkworm cocoons are extracted, and the silk yarns are wrapped by silk glue. There are silk silk (also called raw silk) and silkworm silk, which are collectively referred to as silk. The silk which removes sericin is called refined silk. Using them as raw materials, they can be processed into various types of fabrics by looms.

The silk fiber is composed of two triangular or semi-elliptical silk fibroin outer coverings, and the cross section is elliptical. Silk fiber is a protein fiber, sericin and silk fibroin are the main components, of which silk fibrin accounts for about 3/4, and sericin accounts for about 1/4. Sericin and silk fibroin consist of 18 amino acids and contain about 97% pure protein.

Sericin is a globular protein with good water solubility. Dissolving silk and silk in hot water for degumming and refining utilizes this property of sericin. Due to the different amino acid composition of sericin and silk fibroin, silk fibroin is fibrin and sericin is globulin. The silkworm's spit silk can reach more than 1000 meters in length, and the others are second. Therefore, among all, the mulberry silk has the best toughness.

Silk, which is made of mulberry silk as a raw material, is made of a plurality of twisted silks, which is also called silk.

Because mulberry silk is not polluted from the process of planting mulberry silkworm to silk silk woven silk, it is a green product promoted by the world. Because it is a protein fiber, it is a porous substance, has good air permeability and excellent moisture absorption, and is known as the "fiber queen" by the world.

Second, the fabric characteristics of silk

1. Silk is composed of sericin and silk fibroin. It is composed of 18 kinds of amino acids in different proportions and spaces. It is a kind of protein fiber. The sericin is outside and the silk fibroin is closely connected. The sericin structure is loose and has a rough handfeel, so it needs to be degummed. The silk fibroin structure is tight, the luster is soft, fat, and has pearl-like brilliance.

2, soft, smooth, thick, full, and excellent elasticity.

3, has a good moisture absorption, breathability, skin care and health effects. Silk is a protein fiber, and silk carpet woven from silk has good ultraviolet absorption. Silk is a kind of porous fiber, so it has good heat preservation, moisture absorption, moisture absorption and breathability, and has a certain protective effect on the skin.

4, the silk is more delicate, should be carefully treated, avoid gravity friction twisting or dragging in a rough place, resulting in protein fiber damage.

slik scarf

Third, the meaning of chiffon

Chiffon with its superior drape and comfortable body touch in the summer, is the designer's common design main material in the summer chiffon skirt design, the common design method is to wrinkle, using its good natural drape and natural pleats effect. The name "Chiffon" comes from the French meaning of CHIFFE, meaning a light and transparent fabric, which is essentially a spun product in silk products. The fabric is light, transparent, soft and elegant.

Chiffon classification

Chiffon is classified into silk chiffon and silk chiffon.

1. Silk silk chiffon The general composition is 100% polyester (chemical fiber), and its famous representative is georgette!

Texture characteristics: light, soft, natural drape, good skin feeling (of course these are just appearance characteristics, how to imitate, it is still not as good as real silk chiffon), but the silk chiffon is pure fiber It is not easy to discolor, it is not afraid of exposure, it is very convenient to take care of (machine washable), and the firmness is better.

2, silk chiffon composition is 100% silk (natural fiber), the appearance of the above characteristics, in addition to long-term wear on human skin is very good, cool and breathable, strong moisture, these are silk chiffon Not reachable. However, there are some aspects of silk chiffon that can't keep up with the silk chiffon. For example, it is easy to become gray and light after washing. It can not be exposed to the sun (it will be yellow), it is very troublesome to take care (need to be hand-washed), and the firmness is not good ( Easy to stretch the yarn, the seam is easy to tear).


Fourth, satin strips

The satin strip is a fabric structure. If the silk is made of raw material, it is a silk satin strip. If polyester is used as the raw material, it is a polyester satin strip. It is a composite fabric of satin and a crepe fabric, a special textured fabric. Its advantages are balanced and lustrous, the crepe is transparent and soft, the satin is rich in satin, and the satin strip is used as a silk scarf to add a luxurious feel to the scarf.

slik scarf