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Is silk habotal scarf silk?

Sep 29, 2019

Silk habotal scarf is one of the silk fabrics (for example, silk chiffon, heavy silk, etc.)

This fabric belongs to the silk category, so it has the characteristics of silk: silk has good hygroscopicity and antistatic property, and its protein composition is similar to human skin, so it feels soft and comfortable when worn. In addition, tryptophan and tyrosine in silk fiber absorb UV rays, which can effectively prevent excessive skin attack, and it will feel very cold in summer. However, due to the lightweight and small weight, the natural drape is worse than other silk products.

However, for the same thin silk chiffon, silk power spinning is not transparent and has good hiding power, so no matter whether it is a dress or a top, it is not used as a lining. (With silk chiffon, you need to do it inside. a layer of lining to prevent light)


In addition, the appearance of silk power spinning has a faint silky effect, light and beautiful, but not as luxurious as silk satin.

Silk Habotal